Group project

These webpages hold instructions for a one-day group project intended to compliment the lessons from the first two days of the workshop. By working together in small groups to solve a small scientific problem of your own choice you will be able to practice some of the skills you have been taught using some of the tools you have been introduced to. You will also practice some of the generic team working skills that are important in the development of scientific software.

The task

Your task is to:

  1. Find at least one data set relevant to your research

  2. Perform some relevant analysis on this data (which may involve combining it with data from another source). Visualise this data in an appropriate manner (graph, chart, map, etc.)

  3. Allow the user to interact with the visualisation in some way (eg. select range of time series, temperatures, dates) to dynamically redraw visualisation.

  4. Ensuring that you:
  • Make use of the principles we have learned over the past two days.
  • Document and prepare a short presentation for the end of day three.

However, you should feel free to modify these instructions if your group has particular interests (for example, you may want to build your project as a modification to an existing open source project).

It is likely that you will run into difficulties during the day. Make use of the instructors and helpers, as well as the documentation below, to help you overcome these.


Learners should have completed a Software Carpentry workshop including basic programming, the use of version control and have spent some time thinking about a problem they want to solve.


  1. Preparation
  2. Examples

Other Resources